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Pay It Forward Coffee


A feel good brew for a feel good cause.

Why Pay It Forward?

Homelessness and Human trafficking are growing problems around the world and the issues surrounding them are extremely diverse and complex. Pay It Forward Coffee is a 501(c)3 non profit organization in the state of California that was born out of the desire of a group of friends to do something to help. At Pay It Forward Coffee we believe, “Nobody can help everybody but everybody can help somebody” and that is our goal.


Our mission is simple. With every cup of coffee sold, with every cup consumed we are one step closer to eradicating homelessness and human trafficking by creating awareness and providing humanitarian and financial support to people in need through our like minded partners. 

Why Coffee?

Everyone thirsts for something for that reason Pay It Forward Coffee was created with the goal of meeting a very basic human need. It’s been well said that a man can go six weeks without food, six days without water, six minutes without oxygen, but he cant go six seconds without hope. After sleeping on the street all night or in an unfamiliar place its comforting to know there is a place in town where the marginalized of our community can go and feel welcomed as they enjoy a hot cup of coffee free of charge. 

At Pay It Forward Coffee our mission is to serve people and not just coffee. We chose coffee for two reasons. One, coffee tends to bring people together. Though the growing trend of coffee sales comes via the drive thru windows, having a location where people can come inside and sit down and rest is appealing to those without a place to call home or transportation. Socialization is an integral part of mental health, so having a coffee shop location with ample seating inside and out gives us the opportunity to develop relationships with our customers over time. 

Second, selling coffee by the cup or by the pound allows us to raise both awareness of homelessness and human trafficking along with the much needed financial support to meet the ongoing and often times critical needs of those we seek to serve as well as assist our like minded partners who share the same vision here at home and around the world.  

Stop Homelessness


 Stop Human Trafficking

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